Jasmine Keir’s Bio

Jasmine’s art career has spanned 25 years. Her first love with mirror and copper was prolifically produced for a direct style of marketing nationwide making possible vast and frequent travel around Aotearoa germinating an innate adoration for landscape, destination, and the portal between- forming the core subject of her work today. Copper oxidation now holds foremost. An 8-year union of science and alchemy yields subjects in line with her principle.

Spending equal time living and working between her new home in Whangaroa Harbour and her beloved Southland, the warm tropical beaches contrast the crisp magnificent mountains and skies; the largest boulder is made up of a tiny grain of sand. A new world juxtaposes between. This is delivered to a canvas of pristine copper with ease.

Jasmine loves to scrape, layer, collide and experiment with her art, emulating the cycles of a life well lived.